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Patient Education

A multimedia educational platform that helps patients fully understand the planned medical procedures. It integrates  interactive videos and graphs, animations, 3D graphics - allowing better illustrate the course of treatment and risks that can occur during or after a medical procedure. Quizzes improve recall and retention. Learn more

Heart Pathology Simulation

Neocardiosim is an interactive teaching tool about neocardio pathologies. Designed for doctors, students, intensive care units. simulates abnormal medical conditions and treatments. Developed by doctors for doctors. Learn more

Medical VR Training

Oculus Rift Interactive virtual tour inside human cells.  Teaches fundamentals of biological and chemical processes in the body.  Integrates microscope images, textbook content, and audio tour. Developed with university professors and doctors. Learn more

Pathology Education for Doctors

Simulation platform for medical pathologies research and treatment options. Learn more

Litigation Management

LitigationExpert™ is a sophisticated online service for managing legal documents, graphical case timelines, exhibits and strategies during the pre-trial litigation and trial process. Collected data, evidentiary files, and records are transformed into a powerful tool and a competitive advantage

This services facilitates storage of thousands of documents in a pre-indexed format and provides sophisticated tools for advanced searches, timelines and filters. Learn more

Construction Managment

Info Tech's Appia®, provided by Enfoglobe for use in 41 countries, is an online service for administration and managing capital improvement and construction programs across Europe. Investors manage the entire lifecycle of construction projects from planning, estimating, and bidding, through daily construction monitoring, and summary dashboards. Entire portfolios of investment and operational programs are managed in a standardized fashion, securely accessible through the Internet. Learn more

Custom Software Solutions

Outsourcing software development is one way to develop and carry out the goals of your company while reducing costs and optimizing productivity. Enfoglobe employs a team of software developers that are experts in developing online web service solutions, online service hosting, numerical analysis programming, and scientific programming. Platforms include C#, ASP/ASP.NET, MSF, JavaScript, MVC, Perl, MS SQL server, Oculus Rift, 3d Max, 3d Slicer, MySQL, Oracle, DB2, Apache, and SharePoint Integration Framework. We use Agile development methodology involving customer feedback, SCRUM process and Test Driven Development, along with continuous integration environments. Enfoglobe software developers have been recruited from top universities and various countries around the world, including the USA, Poland, Ukraine and Belarus. All developers are required to possess an advanced degree in computer science, to pass a rigorous programming test, extensive experience in advanced technical software development.

Innovative Sensor Technology



About Enfoglobe

Enfoglobe applies the latest technologies to design, develop and implement custom solutions.

Enfoglobe is an international company with offices in USA and Europe. We apply the latest technologies to build custom solutions that streamline your business. We provide innovative products, Internet services, virtual reality and mobile solutions. Our experts bring over 25 years of experience to the innovative process and solutions for several industries, including law, medicine and construction. We provide corporations and government agencies with the tools to increase their productivity through secure, hosted services and mobile solutions. Enfoglobe works directly with each client, provides local personnel when needed, and customizes products and services to meet clients’ needs.

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