University of Florida Research delegation led by the VP of UF Research, Dr. Norton, visited medical universities and Polish Academy of Science on march 2017. Dr. Horodyski or UF Orthopaedics and Dr. Notterpek of UF Brain Institute were part of the delegation and discussed international research in the area of orthopedics, neuroscience, aerospace, and nanotechnology. The delegation visited Warsaw Medical University, Bialystok Medical University, Rzeszow Medical University, and UKSW University plus local hospitals. The University of Florida delegation also met with Mayor Ferenc of Rzeszow and local aerospace and glass innovation businesses, with Mayor Truskolaski of Bialystok, Governor Romaniuk of Podkarpacie region, and scientists at the PAN Institute of High-Pressure Physics.  Visit was very productive and



Four Polish eye surgeons from Lublin and Rzeszow Medical Universities and clinics, including VisumClinic, visited University of Florida Ophthalmology department. Dr. Tuli of UF Ophthalmology hosted Polish doctors for a week who shared best practices and discussed research projects. Dr. Spyra, Dr. Rejdak, Dr. Choragiewicz, and Dr. Mackiewicz were part of the visiting delegation.




Sensor Technology at a Celebration of Innovation Startup Showcase

Dr. Bohdan Andraka Ph.d (right), co-founder and senior Vice President of Enfoglobe, had a great time at a Celebration of Innovation Startup Showcase at the University of Florida last week. Margaret Andraka (left), President and co-founder of Enfoglobe, spoke at a breakout session and focused on cutting-edge biosensor technology at the showcase and spoke about the incredible potential that the technology has by utilizing remote and noninvasive diagnostic testing using only a small amount of bodily fluid or condensate breath.