Active Recovery Center

Active Recovery Center (ARC) is a fully customizable multimedia platform that educates and motivates patients toward recovery from substance use disorder (SUD). ARC provides patients with individual feedback to help prevent relapse and increase satisfaction.
Our Features Include:

  • Educational modules (Animations, videos, 3D)
  • Mobile journal
  • Instant Patient-Provider communication
  • Data analytics
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LEXA is a powerful legal case management system that manages vital documents and all other aspects of legal cases. Legal Assistant includes document mass-loading, managing and editing contracts, court letters, proposals, videos, and timelines. LEXA manages events, expenses, time and billing, emails, contacts, and has integrated communication tools.
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VRHistologyTour™ is an Oculus Rift Virtual Reality application. It is perfect for individual student learning. Immersed in a virtual world of cell structures, students gain a better understanding of the biological processes. Interactive tour inside accurate 3D models includes 360° views inside cells, microscope pictures, educational text, and navigational controls.
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InteractiveCare™ (IC) provides patient portal for multimedia education about procedures and doctor portal for tracking progress of treatment and communication with patients. Mobile Health Journal is a mobile application used daily by patients to enter health progress, to view individual trends, and to securely transfer data to the medical provider’s portal for consultation. All IC content is easily customizable for different industries.
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InteractiveInformedConsent™ is an online service for educating patients about medical procedures, risks, and rehabilitation. It uses multimedia learning with videos, animations, 3D graphics, quizzes, chat/video sessions. Patient portal provides multimedia education and quizzes that reinforce information, events timeline, chat with providers, and electronic informed consent document. Provider’s portal provides statistics on patient education and quizzes, alerts, tools for loading content and designing quizzes.
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NeoCardioSim™ is an interactive simulator for students, medical residents, and healthcare providers. It was developed with world-class experts of neonatology and cardiology to model specific diseases and their treatments. It simulates abnormal behavior of the heart and cardiovascular system, of particular relevance to intensive care cardiology and neonatology. It uses interactive 3D visualization showing heart and blood flow changes by modifying various parameters.
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